About Me

I started by studying Graphic Art at what was then the Western Metropolitan Institute of Technology in South Melbourne. At this time the internet was only just becoming the all invasive entity that it is now, and during the next 2 years during a working holiday in London, I taught myself coding that was necessary for building websites.

I was particularly taken with Macromedia Flash (weren't we all?) and devoted plenty of time to learning Actionscript. I was lucky enough on my return to Melbourne to begin working at the Country Fire Authority in the training department on what was then 'Training Online'. We created an entirely Flash based application that used XML Based data to build the site map that the navigation can use to load in individual learning objects.

During my time with the CFA I worked extensively on Moodle platform and increasing my knowledge of PHP, SQL and Javascript and its many frameworks to customise its usage. Working in the training department ultimately led me into the Instructional Design space and completing my Cert IV in Training and Assessment. I made the move to Uniting AgeWell and their Education department where I have implemented design principles, processes and techniques to produce effective learning experiences and solve business performance problems.

Currently working as the Digital Design Lead at Northern Health, I am pro-active in the digital learning space with a thirst for knowledge. I am active on a number of online learning blogs and forums, routinely attend webinars, conferences and consistently read books and online articles to keep across the latest instructional design trends and learnings.

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